Friday, November 03, 2006

I had always dreamt of myself visiting a foreign country. It was always amazing to see how people outside our country live, their culture, the different types of food they eat, their dressing style, their looks and personality. I always used to watch them on TV and was amazed by their way of living.
Looking at my family units’ circumstance, I knew I would hardly get a chance to go abroad, unless and until I become independent. My elder brother was the first person in our family to go the United Kingdom for further studies. I was so excited about him going abroad, that I used to call him everyday and ask him inane questions on the way of life there. I used to ask him to send me pictures of places where he traveled there and preserved them as something very valuable.
Startlingly, at my 21st birthday, I got the most precious gift from my parents, an air ticket to London. Moreover, my best friend was to travel with me. I was to stay for a month in London. The feeling that I underwent then could not be expressed in words. It was, as one feels when ones most desired dream turns out to be true, excitement, happiness, ecstasy and what not.
I had to fly the next morning. My friend and I, going to London to visit my brother was the biggest surprise to me. I packed my bags and went to sleep, as I had to get up early in the morning to set off for the airport. I put on the alarm, but I knew, it would be of no use and it would be inane of me expecting sleep tonight. The whole night I kept thinking about how my vacation would go, the places I would visit etc. The whole night went shifting from one position to another, dreaming and waiting for my eyes to shut down and get some good sleep. Usually, I lazy down on my bed even if the alarm goes off and curse the alarm for ringing so early. However, today, I was cursing the alarm for not ringing, as I was growing impatient with every tick of the clock. At last losing out my patience, I got up one hour before the alarm was set. Where it usually takes me more than an hour to get ready, today, astonishingly I was ready in less than 30 minutes.
I had my breakfast, listening to my parents’ instructions on the airport rules and regulations I need to follow and how to behave in the foreign land. I do not remember how many instructions were registered in my brain as I was busy daydreaming about my forth-coming vacation. I hurriedly finished off my breakfast and got ready. After an half an hour eager wait I and my family got into the car and set off for our journey towards the airport. We were supposed to go along with my friend’s family. We stopped at her place, waiting for them to come along with us. All of us then set off for the airport.
The drive towards the airport was spent checking and rechecking the passports and other necessary things. We got down at the airport, loaded our baggage on the trolleys. There was still an hour left for our security check. My friend and I were busy discussing the things we would do there. Our parents were busy expressing their worries to each other, as it was the first time we were going on a trip outside the country and that to on our own. After an hour, our security check was announced. We proceeded for the check bidding our families goodbye. Done with our security and immigration we went to the waiting room. We eagerly waited for the authorities to call out for boarding the flight. Every announcement made sent gusto in our body. We were very happy for our first tour abroad. In addition, for me it was more exciting as I was going to experience the fun with one of the closest person in my life next to my family. At last, our boarding was announced and we headed towards the gate. We were greeted by the crewmembers and were directed to our respective seats. We took in our seat, fastened our seat belts and the next moment resumed our discussions. I could feel my heart beating fast in excitement. I was just 8 hours far from the most memorable moment of my life.
I was confused about what I was feeling at that moment. I felt like shouting aloud about the unforgettable moment I was going to experience. I felt like telling about my dream coming true to every person on the flight.
However, my friend and I indulged ourselves into a movie, which was being played on the monitor in front of out seats. I was hardly listening to the dialogues as I was busy making an imaginary lists in my brain computer about the things I would do so that I could not miss anything important.
After a few hours, my friend and I went to sleep. We got up on listening to the announcement made by the flight crew about the plane, which was going to land within 30 minutes. As soon as I heard the announcement, I almost got up from my seat in thrill. My friend pulled me down and I again fastened my seat belts and opened my window cover up to take a glimpse of the aerial view of my dream destination. I looked at every thing I could from the small window of the flight, so that I do not miss anything.
Our flight landed in Heathrow airport. I got out of the flight, and here I was seeing the dream, which I used to see with closed eyes turn into a reality. This was the most exciting experience of my life. Of course, the whole vacation was exciting and memorable, but the moment when I landed on the airport and took the first glance of a foreign country was the best moment of my life.


Anonymous said...

Hey u wrote this 1 well man, esp the part of landing i believe and the part of not believing that u will land in a foreign country. these 2 i think we share the same exp. i got my passport 10 days before i left (Tatkal) as i was a firm believer that i wont fly....hee hee ...

Kunal said...

lucky you!!

Entertainer said...

toooo looonggg...snorr snorr!!

my inner world said...

hey good post, i could actually feel your excitement from your post:)